Join the Celebration by attending the 33rd Annual Recognition Gala!

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BH Services receives grant for hydroponic gardening business

BH Services has received a $100,000 from SourceAmerica and its Ideas to Work Fund (IWF) whose purpose is to fund innovative and job ready projects that create jobs for people with disabilities, in this case hydroponic gardening. Black Hills Works has partnered with Gregson’s Gardens in hydroponic gardening.

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New housing option available to people served

Ten people from Black Hills Works will have the option to live at Antelope Ridge in Box Elder.

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Gala winners announced

Kim Flowers, Tom Kaiser, Kelley McMains, and Vincent Saucedo have been selected to be honored at this year’s Gala, November 7, with our Outstanding Achievement Awards. We will also be honoring volunteer Lynn Nelson and the Rapid City Fire and Police Departments for their support.

Each of the students really enjoyed volunteering here and it was so fun getting to know the people.

- Bethany S., Volunteer