May 5, 2021 |

Thank You Nurses

National Nurses Week 2021: Celebrating and thanking our exceptional nurses!

Black Hills Works joins Rapid City and other communities across the United States in celebrating our exceptional nursing team during Nurses Week, May 6 – 12, 2021.

Black Hills Works supports more than 600 people with disabilities in the Rapid City-area, helping them live, work and play as vital members of our community. Reliable access to healthcare is a critical component of living life fully and our team of seven (7) nurses coordinate this care.

Like nurses everywhere, our nurses bring care, dedication, skill and compassion to their work every day of the year. Unlike most other nurses, our team is dedicated to solely to supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They go above and beyond each and every day to ensure that the people they support are as happy and healthy as possible.

“I have had a couple other nursing jobs and this is by far the most rewarding one,” said Kimberly Tollman, a Registered Nurse and Black Hills Works’ Director of Nursing, when asked what makes working with people with disabilities so meaningful. “I have learned so much from them. This is my passion and what I was put on earth to do.”

This last year was especially challenging, requiring our nurses to respond to an unprecedented pandemic. They took on many additional duties, created new safety procedures and protocols, and offered regular and ongoing communication to staff.

Black Hills Works is grateful to Kimberly Tollman, Amber Abernathy, Tara Delzer, Andrea Kenrick, Missy Konrad, Aspen Pease, and Kayla Wagner for the exceptional skill and leadership they bring to the organization, and we are honored to recognize them every day of the year, but especially during Nurses Week 2021. Because of their skill and compassion, the people we support are living life fully!

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