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Home is where we laugh, cry, and make memories. It’s where we lie our heads at night and greet each new day.

For most of our 63-year history, Black Hills Works has been ensuring that the people with disabilities we support have affordable housing.  If not for this support, more than 400 of your neighbors could not afford to live in Rapid City.

The individuals we support live in shared living arrangements, community homes, apartments, or full care homes. In those homes we own, Black Hills Works provides the maintenance and ensures accessibility, and makes other accommodations so that everyone has a place they can thrive.

For the others that we support, their home life, whether living with family or even owning their own home – is possible because of the employment, day services, and case management supports we provide.

Shared Living is one of Black Hills Works’ newest housing options. Launched in March 2019, Shared Living provides individuals (“independent contractors”) the opportunity to support an adult with disabilities in their home. Shared Living providers can be family members or individuals in our community. Independent contractors are carefully screened and certified to ensure a good match.

“Even while working in a satisfying career, I hoped for an opportunity to better help Patrick navigate through this world. Shared Living provided that opportunity,” said Joe Sabrowski, Patrick’s father, who along with Patrick’s mother, Toni, are participating in the Black Hills Works Shared Living Program

“Being able to stay part of a family and have that support system has unquestionably led to the best life for Patrick,” said Brad Saathoff, CEO of Black Hills Works & BH Services, when asked about Patrick’s Shared Living arrangement. “His family loves him beyond words and that support system has contributed to all that Patrick has been able to achieve.”

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about disabilities as limiting, but Patrick’s truly teaching us as much as we are teaching him,” said Joe. “Shared Living has given us that gift. We are so proud of all Patrick has achieved.”

None of the home options provided by Black Hills Works would be possible without your support.  Because of you, the people we support have the happiness, comfort, and security that can only come from having a place to call home. Community support helps to maintain the homes we have and helps to secure additional homes for those in need. THANK YOU!

Interested in Becoming a Shared Living Home?

The success of Shared Living rests on the match between the adult with a disability and the independent contractor. The matching process takes time and is rooted in person-centered planning. Anyone with a desire to support an individual with a disability, in their home, to have a more meaningful life, is encouraged to learn more.

To learn more about Shared Living:

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