February 10, 2022 |

February's Spotlight Award Winner: Delmer “DJ” Davis!

DJ has been part of the Black Hills Works family since 1988. Since day one, DJ has been trying to find where he best fits, especially in regards to employment. DJ has been actively looking for employment since November of 2018, even participating in the Discovery Works program to add to his skillset. And, through all the trials and different placements, DJ never gave up. He stayed persistent and has kept a great attitude about wanting to work, knowing there is a place for him.

In October of 2021, DJ and Matt (DJ’s Employment Support Specialist) visited Wall Meats and spoke with Ken Charfauros, one of the owners. We learned that Ken and Janet Niehaus (former CFO for Black Hills Works) were 100% interested in working with us. So, we worked with Ken and his team and found a great opportunity for DJ.

DJ has been happily been working at Wall Meats for a little over three months now and he is really enjoying his new job. He is making labels for the meat packages as they are filled by the butchers. DJ is also excelling at preparing boxes for customers’ orders. DJ feels valued and respected there and he treats his fellow team the same. He feels like he is making a great impact on the business and he is warmly welcomed by all. DJ feels like he has finally found his spot with the Wall Meats team.

When not at work, DJ thoroughly enjoys politics of all kinds. He reads the newspaper daily and stays up to date on current events. He is open-minded and well-informed and is ready to have any kind of conversation on any topic with like-minded people. DJ is proud to be able to vote for the best person to do the job. DJ’s favorite activity is people watching and walking around the mall where he can be regularly found strolling with a soda in hand.

Congratulations, DJ, and keep up the awesome work!

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