March 9, 2022 |

Meet March’s Spotlight Award Winner…Robert Luxton!

Robert has grown tremendously over the last year, accomplishing a lot of firsts! Robert attends day services at Plant Street a couple of days a week and has gotten involved in more activities while there. Robert used to struggle with activities that have a lot of noise, lights, or action. Now he is willing to give these activities a try and is doing a great job of being more outgoing and social. He seeks out staff to talk about cars, music, food, cooking, and TV shows. He has a long-standing lunch date with Amy Speidel and does a great job of being flexible and enjoying lunch with different staff if Amy is unavailable. He is handling his anxiety better and doesn’t get as upset when things are loud or disruptive.

Robert started riding the “My Ride” bus system and LOVES it! This is a goal he would not have even tried before. Robert also received his first library card at the Rapid City Public Library. This was quite a test of patience, as there were several items to line up to verify his residency. Robert showed fortitude and commitment to getting that card! The first item he checked out was a Star Trek DVD to watch at home.

Congratulations, Robert, and keep up the awesome work!

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