May 9, 2022 |

Assistive Technology Leads to Life Transforming Solutions

Thanks to you, 898 creative, life-changing, cost-effective assistive technology solutions were created by our team in 2021. Each solution is only possible thanks to the generosity of private donors, like you. Your impact has been life-changing for hundreds of people with disabilities.

Wondering what exactly is “assistive technology” is and how you have helped?

Assistive technology is commonly defined as any piece of equipment, device, or service that promotes greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish (or, had great difficulty accomplishing).

Solutions include true technology or purchased adaptive equipment, purchased with donations, like iPads, remote supports, lifts, communication devices, and adaptive dinnerware. Other solutions, however, are built from scratch using. For example, our team built an adaptive “sled” using PVC pipe, old skis, and a chair, that allowed persons with disabilities to join other skaters at the ice rink. Thanks to B9Creations, the team can also use a donated 3D printer to custom build person-centered solutions.

Shad Bebout, a person supported by Black Hills Works, has embraced technology, using his tablet to turn on lights, start a slow cooker, adjust blinds, use the thermostat, and communicate. He is a valued employee at Caramel Creations, a job made possible thanks to assistive technology. Being employed has allowed him the resources needed to invest in technology, and generous community donations make access to technology possible for others.

“The impact of technology, even in normal times, cannot be overstated,” said Tammy Murner, Director of Innovation & Assistive Technology. “We support people who, because of technology, are creating art, writing books, cooking meals, working, and living independently. The generosity of our community has literally opened up a whole new world for so many more people. The impact is enormous.”

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