May 23, 2022 |

Meet May’s Spotlight Award Winner…Josh Dvorak!

As with many of us, Josh has faced some intense challenges over the years. Unfortunately, the pandemic really exacerbated those obstacles and challenges for Josh, taking him to a place where he was unrecognizable to his family and friends for a while.

Since January 2022, Josh has shown REMARKABLE progress and extraordinary growth. He walks into the Range Road campus with his best foot forward and strives to be the kind, gentle, caring, and giving person that comprises his true nature every day.

Josh continually displays the qualities of a good neighbor and a valued friend. He helps all his friends, from assisting them at bingo to holding open the door, welcoming them into the room with a warm greeting, a pat on the back, and a heartwarming smile. He is the first one to ask you how your weekend was and generously offers to share his lunch.

Being a caring volunteer is Josh’s next goal. He would like to volunteer at Feeding South Dakota and Fork Real Café, and has been working hard towards making that goal a reality! He assists staff with gathering donations that stock the food pantry at the Range Rd. campus. He unloads the pallets, sorts the donations, and puts all the food away in its proper spot.   

Congratulations, Josh, and keep up the awesome work!  

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