June 2, 2022 |

Shared Living: Sharing Home and Heart

Shared living, one of Black Hills Works’ newer housing options, offers you, as an “independent contractor,” the opportunity to support an adult with disabilities in your home.

Independent contractors can be family members or community members. All independent contractors are carefully screened and certified to ensure a good match.

For Joe and Toni Sabrowski’s, participating in the shared living program was just the next step in a life-long journey to help their son, Patrick, live his best life.  Patrick was diagnosed with autism at a very young age, and Joe and Toni have always embraced his potential.

“Even while working in a satisfying career, I hoped for an opportunity to better help Patrick navigate through this world. Shared living provided that opportunity,” said Joe.

“Being able to stay part of a family and have that support system has unquestionably led to the best life for Patrick,” said Brad Saathoff, CEO of Black Hills Works & BH Services, when asked about Patrick’s shared living arrangement. “His family loves him beyond words and that support system has contributed to all that Patrick has been able to achieve.”

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking about disabilities as limiting, but Patrick is truly teaching us as much as we are teaching him,” said Joe. “Shared living has given us that gift. We are so proud of all Patrick has achieved.”

There are currently 21 people who are participating in Black Hills Works Shared Living Program. Like the Sabrowskis, the individuals supported are receiving care and sharing in life’s experiences in a private home.

“The individuals and families who have opened their homes and hearts as independent contractors have given a priceless gift to those they support,” said Amanda Diers, Director of Shared Living at Black Hills Works. “They become a family, share in memories, learn new skills, and find a new purpose. I’m truly grateful.” 

Are You Interested in Opening your Home and Heart?

If you would like to learn more about how you can change a life by participating in shared living, please contact us at 605-718-6288 or [email protected]. We have people supported who would very much like to be part of a family. We will take great care in ensuring a great match and will provide you with the training and certification needed to be successful. Thank you for your interest!

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