July 8, 2022 |

July Volunteer Spotlight: Deanna Schmidt

Over four years ago, Deanna walked into Suzie Cappa Art Center and Gallery (SCAC) with a loom wand and asked if help was needed at the art center. She has been a devoted volunteer ever since!

Deanna comes to SCAC twice a week to work with a select number of artists interested in fiber art. Incredibly reliable, patient, and generous, Deanna has an extraordinary knack for anything sewing or weaving related. “I like the way she teaches me to weave,” shared Nancy Weiss, an artist at Suzie Cappa. “She is nice and fun to work with.”

A retired teacher, Deanna thoroughly enjoys the teaching aspect of her volunteer work. “It is fun to show the artists how to weave and help with sewing projects. Once a teacher, always a teacher!” Deanna enjoys working with the artists and feels “it is a nice place to come to. Come on down, check it out!”

The volunteers at SCAC are essential because they give over 30 artists an opportunity to try new mediums and techniques. “Volunteers give the artists another friendly face they feel comfortable with and are able to learn from,” Haley Friedt, Studio Manager at SCAC, stated.  “They also serve as a link to the art scene in Rapid City and beyond, which can further help SCAC find opportunities that benefit the artists.”

Thank you, Deanna, for sharing your many talents and time with the artists and staff at SCAC! We are grateful for you!

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