July 13, 2022 |

Meet July’s Spotlight Award Winner…Waylon Howard Jr.!

Over a year ago, Waylon joined the Black Hills Works family, moving into Wright Street. The transition was a rough one for Waylon. Staff found it difficult to communicate with him, and he struggled with transitions in a major way. For example, when he left the house, it took a team of 6-8 people and around 1-4 hours to come back in.

Over the last year, staff worked on their ASL skills, making it easier to communicate with Waylon. Assistive Technology also worked with Waylon on turning a game sled into a device to help him with transitioning into the house.

Waylon now goes out every day for rides. When he gets back he walks into his home willingly, smiling, and the most he requires from staff is help holding the door open. This is a huge and significant step for Waylon that has made for more meaningful days and a better life.

Through these steps, Waylon has developed an in-house routine and developed safe outing practices, and has improved his quality of life.

Congratulations Waylon, and keep up the awesome work!

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