July 19, 2022 |

Meet July’s Spotlight Award Winner…Kama Coyle!

Kama has been part of Black Hills Works for over 23 years. In November 2021, Kama moved to Black Gap for a smaller living situation. Shortly after she moved, Kama fell and broke her ankle, requiring her to have surgery.

Kama has shown so much progress during her recovery, including attending physical therapy and using a walker to help her get around. She stated she does not want to fall again and is doing what she needs to so that doesn’t happen.

Her progress doesn’t end there, though. Through the years, Kama has tried numerous housing options, which has led her to feel alone at times. Since moving to Black Gap, Kama wakes up looking toward what the day has to bring, is eating every meal, and taking better care of herself. She has been very sweet and nice to her roommates and is learning how to be a good friend.

Congratulations, Kama, and keep up the awesome work!  

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