July 25, 2022 |

Meet July’s Spotlight Award Winner… Daniel Whitley!

Daniel has been with Black Hills Works since 1990 and currently lives at Indiana. Greeting everyone with a warm smile, Daniel is a kind, gentle person that likes listening to music (except Phil Collins), doing word search puzzles, and putting puzzles together. 

Like many people, the pandemic was hard for Daniel. He really struggled with not going out and doing things in the community. Now, Daniel works at RSC three days a week and LOVES his job. He enjoys walking around RSC saying “Hi!” to everyone and making their day special.

Daniel is working with his team to build a structured routine to ensure his independence continues to grow. He lives in his own apartment at Indiana. Staff help Daniel prepare his own meals as he enjoys eating dinner in his own apartment from time to time. He is also working on maintaining a positive attitude in all areas of his life and wants to try new things.

Congratulations, Daniel, and keep up the awesome work!

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