September 6, 2022 |

Meet September’s Spotlight Award Winner...Josie Kills Plenty!

Though Josie has only been with Black Hills Works for a little over a year, she has made tremendous strides! Josie entered into the Behavioral Health program in May 2021 from Redwood. Through her hard work and having a supportive environment, she graduated from that program in just a few months and has been a part of Community Homes for the last year.

Josie is employed with our janitorial crew and feels a great sense of pride in her work. She is an incredible artist and fills her days with creating art. She is thoughtful, kind, and cares about others. Alicia Dowling, Program Coordinator for Behavioral Health, shared, “I’m just so incredibly proud of Josie, not only for achieving graduation from Behavioral Health but for realizing her goals and getting through tremendous adversity!”

Congratulations, Josie, and keep up the awesome work!  

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