September 19, 2022 |

Travel for Work Required

Your donations help 289 valued employees with disabilities get to work! Government funding is extremely limited in supporting the cost of work-related transportation, whether it’s the vehicle, fuel, and maintenance, or public transportation costs.

Your contributions make work possible, and it’s a significant impact. In addition, a recent $15,000 United Way of the Black Hills grant, for example, is helping Nancy Weiss and nearly 40 others who rely on Dial-A-Ride to get to work. Nancy, an artist at the Suzie Cappa Art Center, is not able to drive and counts on Dial-A-Ride to get to the job she loves. Yet, after paying rent and with the rising cost of groceries, she has very little left over each month to pay for her bus pass and other necessities. United Way recognizes that by helping her and others get to work, they elevate their independence and productivity, benefitting our entire community.

You fill the gap where public transportation doesn’t go. Your contributions keep our fleet of 120 vehicles fueled and maintained so the people we support can get to work. This includes the 62 mission-critical employees that travel nearly 85,000 miles every year to support our troops at Ellsworth Air Force Base. You made this happen! Six vans and a team of drivers are available 21 hours a day, 365 days a year, going to and from the base. Community contributions, including support from Meade County Commissioners, help provide the transportation needs of these workers who supply and feed our troops and help keep their work and living spaces clean.

The dignity of work is a powerful thing! Your heartfelt gift of reliable transportation makes work possible for nearly 300 people with disabilities in our community. Thank you!

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