September 22, 2022 |

Meet September’s Spotlight Award Winner... Jesse Murrow!

Jesse joined Black Hills Works in 2012 and has lived at Jake’s (Allen) since 2013. One of the things Jesse loves to do is watch the weather channel on his iPad or weather radio. He is always talking about the weather and helps with fire drills, which makes him so happy. He even reminds staff when fire drills are due!

For a time, Jesse struggled with taking off on his own, forcing staff to track him down and bring him back. Because of this, Jesse was given a timer so that he could still go outside (which he loves to do). He just had to check in with staff when the timer went off. Jesse excelled at this and no longer needs the timer to tell him to check-in.  Being a part of the fire drills has made an incredible difference in Jesse’s life. He has become more open with staff and loves to crack jokes and make everyone smile.

Congratulations, Jesse, and keep up the awesome work!


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