October 10, 2022 |

October Volunteer Spotlight: Fantastic Framing Duo at the Suzie Cappa Art Center

The Suzie Cappa Art Center is very lucky to have volunteers Carla and Mary who have been helping to enhance the artwork here through framing. Both have been volunteering for the past few months and have made an incredible impact. Framing alone is a skilled art and Carla and Mary go above and beyond to make every piece really pop!

Many of the frames at Suzie Cappa Art Center have been generously donated by community members and sometimes need a bit of TLC. Through sanding, painting, gluing, and sometimes even completely rebuilding, Carla and Mary are able to bring those well-loved frames back to their original quality which is a perfect match for the art about to go into them.

Everyone at Suzie Cappa Art Center is so grateful for all of the time and effort these ladies put in – thank you, Carla and Mary!

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