April 5, 2023 |

Blaze's Journey: "I am hardworking"

To celebrate Black Hills Works’ 65th anniversary in 2023, during the year we will feature stories of 65 incredible individuals we support!

Blaze – I am hardworking. 

Blaze is a man of few words, but his interests and skills are obvious. He’s tall and quiet, with a trim mustache and goatee. He likes to wear cowboy boots and a black baseball cap, along with his favorite Carhartt jacket. Blaze is an outdoorsman, loving to fish and hunt with his dad. He often grabs his fishing pole and heads out to see what’s biting down at the creek.

Blaze works at EchoWorks, an electronic waste recycling facility operated by Black Hills Works. The position is a perfect fit for his interests. There, he uses a variety of tools to disassemble laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, and more. Since January 2022, Echoworks has diverted more than 400,000 pounds (196 tons!) of electronic waste from our landfill, earning local and national awards! Blaze is looking forward to the upcoming Earth Day Expo at Western Dakota Tech, where EchoWorks will be hosting a free community electronics collection. He is excited to give back to our community, help keep his favorite creeks waste-free, and celebrate Earth Day at this event. Next up on his fishing “to catch” list is a Northern Pike… yikes!

When asked what he likes about Black Hills Works, he mentions Randy, his boss. Randy says, “Blaze is a steady worker and willing to take on any project assigned to him.” He’s shy until he gets to know you, and is, “very caring and helpful.”

He is proud of his “own little place,” a Black Hills Works’ apartment in north Rapid which he keeps tidy and organized. Blaze loves horseback riding and boasts a large collection of trophies from his time in Suncatcher Therapeutic Riding Academy. A variety of horse pictures and prints decorate his walls. He also loves NASCAR and displays a number of replica cars and posters. The Rapid City Rush is also a favorite sports team. He’s been in this apartment building since 2007 and enjoys seeing his parents frequently.

Blaze works hard and plays hard. You’ll have the chance to meet him at the 2023 Earth Day Expo! On April 22nd, from 10am-4pm, at Western Dakota Technical College, EchoWorks will be allowing FREE RECYCLING of old electronics! We are thankful for Blaze’s passion and dedication, and hope to see you at the Earth Day Expo later this month! 

To learn more about what can be recycled at EchoWorks, visit the link below: https://www.blackhillsworks.org/programs-services/enterprises/echoworks/

To learn more about the 2023 Earth Day Expo, follow this link below: https://www.facebook.com/events/533581732096586

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