June 12, 2023 |

Korb Family’s Gift Helps Bring “Alice’s Adventures” to the Big Stage!

People like YOU can use gifts and talents to actively make the world a better place. Flutter Productions is entirely possible thanks to the generosity of our community – people like you, people Dennyce and Carroll Korb! 

The Korbs recently gave a generous donation in support of Flutter Production’s summer program, “Alice’s Adventures.” 

Dennyce, in particular, has a love for theater. She’s been on stage herself with Flutter Productions and the Black Hills Community Theater, and sees theater as a way for people of all ages to use creativity to make the world a better place.  For Dennyce, the fact that Flutter also includes people of all abilities is just icing on the cake. 

“Differences should be celebrated and Flutter is a great avenue that for,” said Dennyce and Carroll. “To see people of all abilities performing in such beautiful productions really does change the hearts and minds of performers and audience members alike. We’re grateful to be able to help in this way and support something so special.” 

Thank you, Dennyce and Carroll, for the inspiring difference you make!

One way that you can join the Korbs in supporting Flutter Productions is to purchase tickets to Alice’s Adventures! The production will run June 29th – July 2nd, and tickets are available through the link below:


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