With the ever-changing environment, we’re continually evaluating and updating our COVID-19 protocols. LEARN MORE.


In response to the ever-changing environment, we are continually evaluating and updating our COVID-19 protocols. This mandate will be evaluated regularly as we watch COVID-19 numbers in our community. Thank you for helping to keep the people we support, and our staff, safe during this time. These are our current protocols, as of August 23.

Visitors in Group Homes and Supported Apartment Buildings

  • All group homes and supported apartment complexes can have visitors. 
  • Visitors should adhere to social distancing and remain only in the area where their loved one is.  This will enable everyone to avoid close contact with people who are not their loved one. 
  • Visitors are still required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status until further notice.  We anticipate following the CDC’s guidance on when mask-wearing is no longer advisable.

Visitors to Administration and Enterprise Buildings

  • Visitors are authorized in administration buildings; however, the single point of entry must be adhered to.
    • Masks are required to be worn regardless of vaccination status in any Black Hills Works facility.
    • All delivery personnel are still required to must wear as they enter the premises.
    • Visitors are advised to check with the specific enterprise locations for mask requirements and other protocols at specific facilities. 

Day Services Status

  • Day Services located at Plant Street, Range Road and Suzie Cappa Art Center will resume with people served being able to co-mingle with people from other groupings (ex. different group homes).
  • The number of people within each service area/room will have a cap based on size of room.
  • All people, employees and people served, need to wear masks due to the unlikely ability to maintain constant social distancing space. 
  • Temperature checks at the entrances to the day services facilities are stopped. Support staff from the BHW homes and the family homes are expected to monitor how people are feeling.  If anyone shows any COVID symptoms, including fever over 100.4 degrees, they must stay home. 

Protocols and Restrictions Required of Employees

All employees are expected to demonstrate good personal responsibility and follow post-vaccine protocols from the CDC. Any social encounters that occur outdoors, but don’t allow for social distancing standards also require a mask. In instances where outdoor and social distancing standards are met, masks are not required. This is likely to be the guidance until the CDC determines that the herd immunity threshold has been met through enough of our community being vaccinated. 

Status of Annual Individual Planning Meetings

  • Virtual meetings are still encouraged when possible. 
  • For in-person meetings, room capacity limits will be listed that indicate the number of people who can be in the room and distance enough to allow for not wearing masks. If more people than listed are in the room face masks must be worn.
  • If the meeting involves a person served that might need close contact support, masks must be worn.
  • Masks do not need to be worn in administrative building hallways but need to be carried so if a conversation starts in close contact, masks can be put on.  

Recreational Activities

Participation in recreational activities, while adhering to CDC recommendations for wearing masks and socially distancing to the best ability the activity allows, can resume.


  • Resume use of all public transportation while abiding by the safety protocols they have in place, such as continuing to wear masks while on the buses. 
  • People utilizing Black Hills Works’ transportation services for Air Force Base and community-based employment locations must continue with temperature screening. 
  • We expect that monitoring for all virus symptoms will continue on an ongoing basis and if people we support and staff are found to have any symptoms while at their homes, they will stay home. 

Medical Services Supports

  • The medical community has implemented good safety protocols at this time, and no special accommodations are needed. 
  • Can resume co-mingling people served from different homes/apartments to transport to medical providers’ locations. Masks need to be worn while doing this. 

Employment Supports for People Served

  • All supports for people employed resume with CDC and specific employer safety protocols being adhered to. 
  • Masks are federally mandated on all federal gov’t locations.