art hanging in installation


Community business ventures with a purpose

Business ventures of Black Hills Works have varied widely during our 60-plus year history. From a sawmill and a farm in the 70s to an art gallery and electronic recycling service today, our enterprises continue to evolve.

Today, we operate four enterprises under the Black Hills Works umbrella that provide valuable services to the community. Employment opportunities can be explored, treatment services can be sought, and creativity can thrive at these different locations.

woman painting colorful bird on a canvas

Suzie Cappa Art Center

The Suzie Cappa Art Center (SCAC) is a studio and gallery for artists of all abilities. SCAC provides a supportive, inspiring environment where artists can create, exhibit, and sell their work to the community.

man dismantling a computer in a workshop


EchoWorks provides electronic recycling services to Rapid City and surrounding communities while providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities supported by Black Hills Works. Since its opening in 2020, EchoWorks has diverted over 550,000 pounds of electronics from our landfill.

man jumping during theater performance

Flutter Productions

Founded in 2008, Flutter Productions creates opportunities for performers of all abilities to soar, challenging the perception of people with disabilities and creating a new, creative community in which performers — with and without disabilities — come together to celebrate the human spirit.

orange Lamborghini sitting inside detail shop

Unique Auto Grooming

The newest enterprise under Black Hills Works, Unique Auto Grooming provides car detailing services while offering it as a place of employment for people with disabilities.