Advocacy & Resources

Black Hills Brain Health

This page is designed to provide information on brain injury as well as some links to brain rehabilitation advocacy and resources that might be helpful. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us.

  • Awareness and Depression: A model that shows the emotional aspect of recovery. 
  • Catastrophic Reaction: This model provides information on catastrophic reaction, which is a common problem for people who have sustained a brain injury.
  • Exercise and the BrainExercise has many positive qualities and can improve mood and encourage the growth of new brain cells.
  • Food that is good for the Brain: There are different foods that have healthy or protective properties for your brain.
  • Neuropsychological Terms and Definitions: A list of neuropsychological terms and their definitions to make it easier to understand medical reports.
  • Sexual Functioning and Satisfaction after Traumatic Brain Injury: This guide was designed to help people understand the changes that may occur after a brain injury and to provide information to assist in adjusting to those changes.
  • South Dakota Advocacy: Protecting and advocating the rights of South Dakotans with disabilities through legal, administrative, and other remedies.
  • Brain Injury Association of America: Creating a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.
  • Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota: Advocating for people with brain injury and their families.
  • Brain Injury Support Groups: The Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota’s website lists brain injury suppport groups available in South Dakota. 
  • Brainline.org: Provides extensive information about brain injury for survivors, family members and professionals.
  • The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC): Serves active duty military, their dependents and veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI) through state-of-the-art medical care, innovative clinical research initiatives and educational programs.
  • Family of a Vet: Helping veterans and their families learn to survive and thrive after combat. Information on TBI, PTSD and other challenges.
  • South Dakota Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities: Advocating for the full inclusion of all people with disabilities into all aspects of society.
  • South Dakota Department of Human Services: To promote the highest level of independence for all individuals regardless of disability or disorder.
  • South Dakota Department of Social Services: To strengthen and support individuals and families by fostering independence and personal responsibility; protecting people; providing opportunities for individuals to achieve their full potential; and promoting healthy families and safe communities by ensuring quality, cost-effective and comprehensive services are provided in cooperation with our partners.
  • United States Brain Injury Alliance: The mission of the United States Brain Injury Alliance is to engage the community in preventing brain injury and improving lives.