woman painting colorful bird on a canvas

Suzie Cappa Art Center

A studio & gallery for artists of all abilities

The Suzie Cappa Art Center (SCAC) was founded in 2001 in memory of artist Suzie Cappa. Suzie was a talented and creative artist who independently selected her own brushes, her own colors, and her own subjects of interest. Suzie’s mother, Juanita, recognized her talent and provided her instruction with local artist, Ida Jansen. Under Ida’s direction, Suzie studied a variety of art forms from 1985 until her passing in 1997. The Suzie Cappa Art Center honors her memory by providing a supportive, inspiring environment where artists can create, exhibit, and sell their work to the community.

We have been located in our downtown storefront since 2013, thanks to the Pia Wilkins family and community donations. Our studio and gallery provide a platform for our artists to showcase their work and to give them a spacious, comfortable workspace to create, learn, dream, and do.

We now have over 30 artists working in the downtown studio and selling their artwork in the gallery. Artists work in multiple mediums, from fabric art to painting and drawing to sculpture and other mixed media expressions. SCAC provides all the materials each artist needs to pursue their area of interest. This is supplemented by donations by community members. We also provide a variety of ongoing sessions facilitated by professional artists, volunteers, and Black Hills Works staff, who support the professional and personal development of the artists.

The gallery is filled with creativity and beauty thanks to the dedication of the artists working at SCAC and our Guest Community Artists. Integrating the work of artists with and without disabilities helps people see past preconceived notions of disability and honor the creative spirit of every person.

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To learn more about location, hours of operation, and contact information visit https://www.suziecappaart.com/


  • Disability is not a boundary. All people can be creative in a supportive environment.
  • Creative expression fosters personal growth and self-esteem. Recognition of creative efforts by others gives the artist a feeling of worth that carries over into all areas of their life.
  • Creating art professionally adds value to one’s life. Through the cultivation of their talents, people with disabilities make contributions to the cultural and economic life of our community.


The original location on Range Road has since been remodeled and now houses Flutter Productions, All-Ability Dance Theatre. People supported by Black Hills Works have the opportunity to participate in the theatre, dance, and other classes offered by Flutter Productions. To learn more about Flutter Productions, click HERE.

Black Hills Works also has expanded arts programming for those that are interested in expressing themselves creatively but are not quite yet ready for the environment of our downtown location. All the same opportunities and access to classes, supplies, and creative support are provided, as well as the option to sell artwork at SCAC and make a commission off of those sales.