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Black Hills Brain Health

Your road to recovery doesn't need to happen alone.

Address: 803 Soo San Drive, Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: 605.343.7297

Black Hills Brain Health was funded with a grant from the Bush Foundation and has been providing brain rehabilitation services in South Dakota since 1988. It focuses on cognitive therapy, counseling, employment, and independent living. Formerly the Brain Rehabilitation Center, Black Hills Brain Health is the oldest program of its kind in South Dakota and the only program serving western South Dakota.

Our mission is to provide quality brain rehabilitation services to individuals with brain injury to assist them in maximizing their abilities. Our goal is to enhance opportunities for individuals to participate in their communities at the highest possible level.

It is our philosophy that the people we serve are, first and foremost, people with abilities. We believe that all individuals are capable of change when provided services appropriate to their needs. We strongly believe that the brain can continue healing and improving throughout a person’s life. We believe that each individual has the right to proceed toward increased levels of independence and responsibility within his or her community.

We know that positive family support is an important part of successful brain rehabilitation. We encourage positive family support throughout each facet of a person’s rehabilitation, with the ultimate goal being successful independence.

Now offering a two-session workshop: THE AGING BRAIN – When in doubt, check it out!
• Providing information about impacts on the brain as it ages
• Utilizing tools to assess current cognitive functions
• Providing cognitive strategies that promote brain health and function

The Aging Brain Workshop is offered Thursdays by appointment only. Call 605.718.8433 to schedule.