Admissions Process

Black Hills Brain Health

Black Hills Brain Health evaluates each referral on an individual basis. There are several factors that are involved in our admissions determination. The Admissions Committee carefully considers each individual applicant to determine whether we can meet his or her needs and work toward improving cognitive functioning. 

The referral process begins with a call to our Director of Clinical Services at (605) 718-8446 or an email. Medical records related to your brain injury and any other pertinent medical concerns must be released and forwarded to Black Hills Brain Health for review.

Once a referral has been made, and Black Hills Brain Health has received all pertinent information, the Admissions Committee will review and discuss the application and accompanying medical records. 

An in-person or telephone interview with the brain injury survivor and/or their family will be conducted. 

We will also verify your funding source. Once our Admissions Committee has determined that an individual is medically stable, clinically appropriate, and has secured funding, Black Hills Brain Health will make arrangements for the individual to begin our program.

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