Vocational Exploration

The Brain Rehabilitation Center

We offer an employment-related curriculum to assist individuals to regain job skills. Employment services may include vocational evaluation, interest inventory assessments, social skills training, work hardening, and job training. Our job placement services involve job coaching, if needed, as well as follow-along employment services for continued support to ensure a successful return to employment.

When an individual is ready for employment, a vocational evaluation may be completed. Our Employment Specialist works with the individuals to find the best possible match for interests and abilities. Work hardening, job placement, job training and coaching, and follow-along services are provided as needed.

Job Skills Training

  • Productivity
  • Concentration
  • Quality of work
  • Work relationships
  • Attitude and motivation
  • Work behavior
  • Career development
  • Work hardening
  • Resume building
  • Interview skills
  • Networking

On-Site Instruction:

  • Interviewing
  • Job search
  • Computer skills
  • Job application
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Volunteer opportunities

Job Training Outcomes: 

We aim for the highest level of employment possible, taking into account each individual’s goals. After formal rehabilitation, there are many people who are able to return to their former employer. In some cases, that may not be possible or desirable. Again, our goal is to assist each individual to attain his or her goals – whether it is seeking new employment in the desired field or seeking additional training. 

All of our services are designed to assist with the transition back to successful employment.