Out and About

Out and About offers community-based recreation programming for adults with disabilities. Being community-inclusive presents us with exciting opportunities. Providing community-based services enables the people we support to be included and welcomed in society, as well as enriching surrounding communities by encouraging acceptance of all.

  • Out and About is offered during the weekdays. Some examples include swimming, bowling, hiking, visiting local attractions, and museums.
  • Mines Buddies is a volunteer program that pairs individuals with disabilities (Buddies) with students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  Through this program the Buddies are able attend functions and activities, both on campus and in the community, with students and other volunteers.  This program encourages the building of friendships, connections with our community, and inclusion in the lives of the Buddies and the Mines students which may not otherwise be accessible to them.

Without Walls (WoW)

WoW supports small groups of people served to volunteer opportunities that involve impact and added value through interactions and community-based contributions. The program helps to promote and build a capacity for natural supports and build new relationships as well.

Places we volunteer include the Hope Center, Fork Real Café, Rapid City Public Library, Meals on Wheels, The Rescue Mission, and Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.