Sensory Rooms

Sensory rooms offer health and wellness supports, individual sensory processing intervention, range of motion, fine motor skills exercises, communication processing, sensory-friendly furniture, and calming opportunities. A sensory room can also help individuals better adapt to sensory stimuli, including sounds and sights, in other environments.

The Plant Street sensory room has a variety of implements that project an array of visuals, such as fiber optics, lighted sculpture pieces, a bubble tube, and wall installations. Exposure to as much natural light as possible has been shown to be beneficial to individuals with autism and aging individuals struggling with memory and cognition, and everyone in general. Light therapy has also been shown to help alter and change the moods of an individual who is either seeking stimulation or seeking calm. Interactive light projects give the person using them the opportunity to control it and their user experience. Lighting implements that also provide different textures give individuals who are sensory-seeking a visual and tactile experience.

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