2022 Annual Recognition Gala

Because you used YOUR power to make this possible, please join us in celebrating Richelle, Shane, Shannon and Adam’s amazing accomplishments!

Thank you for planning to attend the 2022 Annual Recognition Gala!

YOU will make the celebration of four amazing individuals complete, just as your support has changed their lives! Without you, Richelle, Shane, Shannon and Adam’s lives, and the lives of their 600 peers, would be as fragile as a house of cards. YOU make magic happen and transform lives. Our cards are on the table and we are all in! All we need is YOU!

This year we will be offering two opportunities to celebrate these incredible individuals. Register using the form below and simply select the day you would like to attend, Friday, October 21st or Saturday, October 22nd. The celebrations will take place at the Monument in LaCroix Hall. Doors will open at 5:30PM both nights and dinner will be provided.

See you there!