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About Us

For over six decades, Black Hills Works has provided homes, employment, recreation, and social outlets for adults with disabilities. Today, we support almost 600 people with a wide array of disabilities, creating a community where everyone participates to achieve a life of full potential.

Above all, Black Hills Works is a person-centered agency. We put the people we support at the center of our agency and the decisions and planning that impact their lives. To help people self-direct their lives, we provide education, exposure, and experiences so that they can determine their own goals, and provide the supports they need to achieve their dreams.

Our Purpose

Creating a community where everyone participates to achieve a life of full potential.

A community where all people are good neighbors, valued friends, productive workers, respected leaders, and caring volunteers.

Be my best
Be respectful of others
Be supportive
Be accountable

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In 1958, parents of children with intellectual disabilities were faced with a decision: send them away to a state institution, or keep them home where they would have no access to education, employment, recreation, or social interaction.

It was this lack of choice that led Mrs. J. S. Kibben and other parents and friends of children with disabilities to start Rapid City’s first special education program in the basement of her home. That is when our journey began.

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Board Info

Our agency is lead by a dynamic volunteer group of local professionals, community business owners, and advocates who believe in our mission and aspire to give of their time and energy to make a direct impact on what we do and who we are.


With offices, activity centers, and homes throughout Rapid City, we have been intentional about becoming a fully-integrated part of the neighborhoods we’re in.

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Contact Us

Questions, comments, concerns, compliments: we welcome it all. Reach out at any time.

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Staff Directory

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Legal Stuff

Privacy and terms of use statements, non-profit information, and other legal statements can be found here, if needed.