Support Services

We support the whole person, providing supplemental services to ensure individual success.

There are some areas of the lives of people we support that need extra assistance. Over the last several years, we’ve expanded and adapted to the needs of the people we support.

Teams of dynamically skilled professionals work every day to provide needed assistance, through technology advancements, nursing, transportation, and much more.

man using custom built tablet

Assistive Technology

We have a team of dedicated professionals offering assistive and adaptive solutions that help the people we support achieve a level of independence they may never have thought possible.

woman in wheelchair being loaded into van


Transportation is the connector that makes getting places, and living life fully, possible.

a woman being checked by a nurse

Healthcare Services

We support a healthy lifestyle and the best possible health for each person we serve. Nursing staff provide education on health issues, maintain health records, utilize community health practitioners, and more.