Volunteer Support

"The way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." — Ghandi

There is a reason you are right here, right now. You have specific gifts that are unique! We all do! You get to choose how to use your gifts to positively impact others. When your focus is on others and you invest your gifts, YOU create smiles, memories, and meaningful days.

If you paint, sing, teach, love, coach, cook, fix cars, care, inspire, dance, smile, type, play an instrument, drive, mentor, play video games, design, sell, sew, workout, play board games, teach yoga, swing a hammer, or laugh, we provide outlets for you to share your gifts. You don’t have to be the absolute very best at these things, just willing to share your gifts with others.

We provide multiple opportunities for you to invest your talents and gifts throughout our multi-site campus in the Rapid City area, including:

  • Flutter Productions: Dance, act, assist with practices, event logistics, costume design, set building, make-up, and many other opportunities surrounding the theater
  • Learning Institute: Share your talents in a classroom or community setting. Options include teaching a dance class, yoga, playing games, karaoke, art projects, or shooting hoops
  • Out and About: Companionship and transportation are areas in which to channel your fits. Connect People supported with events taking place in the Black Hills.
  • Person Centered: Develop a friendship through hanging out and spending one-on-one time with a person supported. If laughing, smiling, and creating a meaningful day for someone sounds rewarding, this program is meant for you.
  • Special Event Support: Assist in planning and coordinating the Putt-N-Pub and Annual Recognition Gala. All talent levels are encouraged to get involved and make an impact.
  • Special Olympics/Rapid City Storm: If your passion is playing or coaching sports, the Storm wants you to join our team and inspire athletes through encouragement, instruction and developing a strong sense of team.
  • Suzie Cappa Art Center: Enter a space where creativity thrives. Paint, sew, glue, draw: create whatever you set your mind to while working alongside our full-time artists.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below and we will connect with you!

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